Question the world

Let’s go for the first edition of FARaway! For ten days, Reims will vibrate to the rhythm of an intense festival, with “stirring artists” from all horizons, full of hopes as well as fights. When others occupy the city streets, they stand on the stage. That’s where they come to delve into History, to wrestle with reality, to sketch out dreams, to share with the audience a time when the human being comes first.

This new festival, carried and imagined by seven cultural structures in Reims, we wanted it to be open to the world, with a focus this year on Brazil and the African continent. Through a programme that is as open to the diversity of forms as it is committed to the subjects it tackles, let yourself be carried away by the excitement of a festival like no other, through thematic routes built to allow you to navigate from one stage to another, to follow one performance after another and to be able to attend all the shows without exception.

In this effervescence, FARaway will not fail to make you travel far, in territories ablaze with questions. Without doubt the most beautiful of journeys…


imaginé par la cartonnerie / césaré / la comédie / le frac / le manège / nova villa / l’opéra