- FARaway festival des arts à Reims

D-100 before the 2024 edition

ÉDITION 2024 #5

30.01 > 10.02.24

+ 150 artists / + 35 shows / + 15 countries / + 10 days / + 10 stages

Stories from the Mediterranean

For its 5th edition, the multidisciplinary festival FARaway – Festival des Arts in Reims highlights agitating and agitating artists around the Mediterranean, a space for meetings, exchanges, social, political and economic struggles.

This trip to the Mediterranean waters is an invitation to take a sensitive look at the multidisciplinary creativity of this region inhabited by peoples with diverse histories and identities. Space at risk – human rights, social models, biodiversity… – A land of wandering and welcome, the Mediterranean concentrates major issues of our time.

From Greece, Egypt, Israel, Tunisia, Italy, Turkey, Algeria, Spain, Lebanon and Morocco, from one shore to another, the contemporary creation of the Mediterranean countries faces to act.

For this journey between sea and land, FARaway offers you to navigate between all the scenes of the festival to discover the multiple stories of the men and women of these territories!

Discover all the programming on the site on the 20th november!

music / theatre / performance / puppet / cabaret / dance / young audience / meeting / exhibition …

imaginé par la cartonnerie / césaré / la comédie / le frac / le manège / nova villa / l’opéra


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