Parcours Liban – Palestine / Deuxième étape 

Parcours Liban – Palestine 

SAM 29.01 – La Comédie

DIM 30.01 – Le Manège au Théâtre

Following Vitry-sur-Seine, it is in Reims and as part of the FARaway Festival that the second meeting of the Lebanon – Palestine Route, organized by the National Office for Artistic Diffusion, will take place. Showcasing artistic creation in the Arab world, this event allows visitors to discover the work of artists from these two countries and attend talks on the context in which such work is created. If such an event, in planning over the past two editions, can only see the light of day in 2022, it is because of the extreme complexity of this geographical region, as well as the restrictions brought about by the recent pandemic. Since 2019, Lebanon has been confronted with a severe economic and political crisis, aggravated by the explosion of the port of Beirut in August 2020. In Palestine, where the daily life of the population is dictated by occupation, exile and injustice, political and social upheavals have intensified and are now accompanied by an unprecedented international mobilization in support of the Palestinian people. In partnership with the A.M Al Qattan Foundation in Palestine and Hammana Artist House in Lebanon, the FARaway Festival is proud to host this event, which promises to explore the artistic and cultural context within the geographical, human and political dimension. The Parcours event will travel to Palestine, Lebanon, and Montpellier next summer.


Animation by Geoliane Arab (conseillère – international à l’ONDA, Paris)