Benefit from course-rate as soon as the prurchase of two tickets in two different places

Your FARaway adventure

Proceed from stage to stage, performance to performance, discipline to discipline. Trust the programmers and discover new artists and new horizons. What is a Festival if not a place of exacerbated curiosity!

In your adventurer luggage to create your course :


  • Discover two possible  courses for the first four days
  • Use the detailed reservation form


  • The half of the programmation is free

  • The course-rate. This option is simple : you can access of the course rate as soon as you choose to see performances in two different stages. (This rate is indicated on each show page and on the booking form)

  • The 100% FARaway PASS for enthusiasts and access to all proposals at the rate of €100 or €70 for students, young people under 30 years old and unemployed people


  • Guides accompany you from stage to stage to hold one show after the other. Meeting point for departures in the reception halls.
  • Catering available at La Cartonnerie, La Comédie and Le Manège on evenings show.
  • We take care of your children at the Comédie during the shows on Saturday 01 February.



Course exemples