Festival des Arts à Reims 2021 ! 


Dear public,


Due to the health context, we inform you that the second edition of FARaway – Festival des Arts à Reims, scheduled from 4th to 14th February 2021, cannot take place in the form initially planned without profoundly distorting what is the DNA of this event: its collegiality, its conviviality, the creation of live performances in an international dimension.
In order not to add economic precariousness to the disappointment of the 150 international stirring artists and their technical teams, the FARaway festival will keep all its financial commitments to them as well as to the temporary show business worker who accompany us.


Since FARaway is above all, moments of sharing, conviviality, encounters, and effervescence, the festival will resound throughout the year 2021!
In the coming days, we will have the pleasure to show you the programme of creations designed for the festival, postponed performances, maintained cultural actions, school sessions and workshops.



We are sure that these essential moments will come back.
See you soon!



Cédric Cheminaud, Director of the Cartonnerie – Philippe Le Goff, Director of Césaré
Chloé Dabert, Director of the Comédie de Reims – Marie Griffay, Director of the FRAC
Bruno Lobé, Director of the Manège – Joël Simon, Director of Nova Villa
Serge Gaymard, Directeur of the Opéra de Reims & the FARaway – Festival des Arts à Reims team.

We invite you to contact the place where purchased your ticket
in order to find out the terms and conditions of repayment.


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