Alexandre Paulikevitch

Le Manège presents in partnership with Le Palais du Tau

An artist with a keen political conscience, Lebanese dancer and choreographer Alexandre Paulikevich exorcises his traumas on stage in a largely autobiographical solo piece. Faced with a succession of painful experiences in 2020, including the death of his father and his own detention at the hands of the police, as well as the explosion of the port of Beirut, he delivers a deeply intimate work. With this show, structured around a box that serves as a coffin, cell and barricade, he throws himself, heart and soul, into a naked dance where the trembling and shaking of his shoulders and waist, and tumbles to the floor, may be interpreted as a call to life, to resistance. A’alehom (Attack) is a cathartic performance that transforms hardship into a life-saving journey, proving that art is an essential part of life.