Chimères - 2021 - FARaway festival des arts à Reims


Practical artistic workshops

Pratiques artistiques

Presented by Le FRAC 

In resonance with the works in the Cathy Josefowitz & Susie Green exhibition, Empty rooms full of love, this workshop invites children to create a chimera, a character that defies all established categories and genres, half-man/half-woman, half-human/half-animal.

Every Saturday until 28 August inclusive, there will be practical art workshops for children aged 6 to 12: paper puppets, red boots, my little theatre or talking acrobats are just some of the themes that budding artists will be able to discover during these sessions! Led by the FRAC’s mediation team, these workshops consist of an educational visit to the exhibition in progress, followed by a practical workshop linked to the theme addressed. Designed to echo the exhibitions, these workshops allow visitors to learn about different techniques: from painting to digital video, collage or photography. They are also an opportunity to discover the many facets of contemporary art in a playful way and to open one’s eyes to the works of our time. Not to mention the pride of going home with your own artistic creation!