Danse Sema

Fahima Mirzaie et Fatima Hasani

Présenté par Le Manège

Recently arrived in France, Fahima offers two introductory sessions to Sema dance. The first takes place on Saturday, 29 January and is devoted to presenting this mystical style of dancing, with supporting video excerpts and explanations on the origins and the differences between the Mevlana and Rahie styles of dancing. Fahima also explains the spiritual and mystical environment of this practice and its links with the poetry of Rumi. The second session on Saturday, 5 February focuses on a choice of Mevlana or Rahie. The class begins with a meditation session. NB: Sema dancing, associated with spiritual ceremonies, can cause a sense of vertigo due to the spinning movements that compose it. Participants need to be in good health, with plenty of energy. Not recommended for anyone suffering from blood pressure problems.