De dos, je regarde ma bibliothèque - 2022 - FARaway festival des arts à Reims

De dos, je regarde ma bibliothèque

Anna Byskov

Le FRAC presents

Looking at my bookshelves with my back turned is a new performance by Anna Byskov, inspired by the book of the same name published by La Houle (Brussels). “This book is not really a book, just as this performance is not really a performance either. Instead, it is a variation on a set of words that unfold through the written and spoken word, as well as gestures, and the interaction of one towards the other, amongst a series of objects and situations manipulated in the same way as gestures, words and writing. The aim therefore, is to use this set of words in configurations that are constantly being renewed, so as to offer perpetually new and novel moments of reading, akin to an intimate and dynamic mutation or metamorphosis.” Vincent Verlé, independent curator, Openspace