Fôret de Bambous - 2022 - FARaway festival des arts à Reims

COMPLET – Fôret de Bambous

Creation and premiere

Wu Wei et André Serre-Milan

Presented by Césaré

Created by L’Opéra

Forêt de Bambous allows the public, positioned in the centre of the loudspeaker system, a listening experience of an instrument (the sheng) equivalent to that perceived by the performer. The performance offers a “journey to the heart of the sheng” and the bamboo forest, a reflection on sound, and a dialogue with electronics, a mise en abyme of playing and its perception. This project, resulting from research over a five-year period, initiated and organized by TPMC and developed at IRCAM and GMEM, will tour Germany in 2022-2023 after its creation in France.