I hate theater I love pornography

First in France

Zoukak Theatre Company

La Comédie presents


The title is deliberately sensationalist, the show entirely quirky. Lebanese company Zoukak casts a provocative, disenchanted and somewhat self-deprecating look at the world around it, and around us. I Hate Theater I Love Pornography is a breath-taking performance that examines those societies where business dominates, where the Other becomes a danger, and where political obscenity is no longer hidden. From a Beirut perspective, the state of corruption in the upper echelons of power seems even more pervasive than in France. Through hilarious narrative, combining political, theatrical, pornographic and cadaverous bodies, the Zoukak troupe paint a dark but raucous picture of the contemporary world, infused with Dada undertones.


Zoukak Theatre Company are resident artists 21/22 at La Comédie – CDN de Reims