Theatre in the making

Hanane Hajj Ali

La Comédie presents

Fifty-something Lebanese artist Hanane Hajj Ali jogs every day to avoid osteoporosis, obesity and depression. Her route takes her through her personal Beirut, revisiting characters, aspirations and disappointments along the way. Exercise brings her a surge of adrenaline and dopamine; both destructive and constructive, like an ever-changing city that destroys in order to build and builds to destroy. Alone on stage, Hanane—woman, wife and mother—compares herself to the characters in Medea. An exploration of place, identity and mythology, the multi-award-winning Jogging, created in 2017, and which has since travelled throughout Europe and the United States, is unpredictable and presents a radical challenge to the stereotypes and prejudices that underlie global perceptions of Arab women.