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Co-production / Partnership Sciences Po

Lettres du continent

Screening and meeting

Studios Kabako

Lettres du Continent is a feature film project that is the brainchild of Studios Kabako and brings together 21 video letters from young artists or collectives on the African continent. Here, we have 21 self-portraits in the context of Covid-19, from several countries: Morocco, South Africa, Senegal, Comoros, Tanzania, Gabon, Tunisia, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, etc. Their authors live and create in Tunis, Dakar, Lagos, Moroni, Dar es Salaam, Maputo and Kinshasa. All of these places have experienced some form of crisis, be it sanitary, economic or political. For some, the crisis has persisted for so long that they have been forced to become magicians of sorts. In each of the video diaries, the artists tell us about their daily life, and the difficulties, worries, hopes and dead ends they encounter. Their testimonies reaffirm more than ever the need to create, here and now, against all odds. Written in May-June 2020, these 21 letters or self-portraits bear witness to a new generation of dancers, choreographers, performers and directors who juggle with the context and the cards given to them so as to better invent and share the stories of a changing continent.