[Red Phrase]

Sophie Hasslauer

Le FRAC presents

At the crossroads of several artistic disciplines, [Red Phrase]—the first in a three-part experimental series entitled Color Noise—is a pictorial project, choreographed by Sophie Hasslauer, and performed by Hide Andseek , Jeanne Garcia, and Antonin Mélon (all three dancers of the Geneva Junior Ballet Theatre), to a soundtrack composed by Millie Voilà. What is interesting about the soundtrack is that it comes from instruments made from solidified oil paint. The dancers are at once, the painter and the painting, sometimes one, sometimes the other, with the space between them oscillating between surface and depth. The musician looks for the sounds in the thickness of the painting and brings them to the surface, creating a space that is pictorial, filled with vibrations, friction, shifts, appearances, and disappearances…