Présenté par Césaré

Zone d’échange

Kika Nicolela

During the FARaway festival, you will discover 3 video works by the Brazilian artist Kika Nicolela, exhibited in the Auditorium of the Comédie. 3 works – which while being very diverse in their approaches – propose variations on the idea of exchange and sharing.

Kika Nicolela is a Brazilian artist, filmmaker and independent curator based in Brussels. She is interested in the space between what we understand by reality and fiction. Using video and new technologies as tools, she proposes experiences that question the narratives we make about the world and ourselves.



2016, looped video, 6 min

Blindly was created as a reaction to the day on April 17, 2016, when members of the Brazilian Congress voted in favor of the “impeachment” process of Dilma Roussef, the country’s first female president.

On that fateful day, during the vote, many deputies took the time to make short speeches. It was perhaps the first time that the depth of stupidity, misogyny and religiosity of the members of the Brazilian Congress had become so evident.
From that day, the idea was born to play snails in front of the camera, completely unaware of the words they were dragging behind them, attached to their shells: corruption, coup d’état, media, money?


Exquisite Corpse Video Project
Vol. 07

2020, video projection loop, 22 min

The Exquisite Corpse Video Project (ECVP) is a collaborative video project involving artists from around the world, inspired by the surrealist method of creation, the “exquisite corpse”.

Kika Nicolela initiated the ECVP in 2008, and has received the participation of approximately 100 artists from over 25 countries. To date, the project includes 6 volumes of videos. Each one follows different parameters and thematic frameworks proposed by Kika Nicolela, but always keeping the heart of the project: the method of collective creation of the “exquisite corpse”.

For the FARaway festival, a new volume of the ECVP has been proposed under the theme “stirring artists”. It was created from November 2019 to the end of January 2020, with the participation of the artists : Wai Kit Lam, Claudia Vasquez, Héloïse Roueau, Ivelina Ivanova, Ulf Kristiansen, Sigrid Coggins, Gabriel V. Soucheyre, Per Eriksson, Simone Stoll, Anthony Siarkiewicz, John Sanborn, Laura Colmenares Guerra, Niclas Hallberg, Nia Pushkarova, Lucas Bambozzi and Marina Fomenko.



2020, video installation 2 screens in loop, 23 min

Upstream of FARaway, from January 22 to 30, Kika Nicolela was in residence at Césaré for the creation of “TÉLÉ-CROCHET”. This video installation involved the participation of asylum seekers from the CADA of Reims Croix-Rouge française, located in the Croix-Rouge district.
As with several of his works, the artist has developed this new work based on filmed testimonies. She invited each participant to make a small presentation alone in front of the camera, telling his or her story, singing, dancing, etc. The participants were then invited to make their own presentation. The aim was not to create a talent contest, but rather to give the participants a space for free expression and social visibility.

This project is part of the La Boussole project, a future creative space dedicated to the inhabitants of the Red Cross district, which will open its doors in 2020.