Présenté par Le Manège

I woke up in motion

Voyage onirique

Vasil Tasevski / Collectif Porte27

At the intersection of several disciplines—video, acrobatics, the manipulation of objects, scenography, light—I woke up in motion carefully explores the theme of wandering. The author, Vasil Tasevski, is a circus artist and passionate experimenter, who invented his own circus prop, the Topka, a kind of metallic sphere. He also works with the Porte27 collective and has created many works combining the circus arts, performance, photography and installation. I woke up in motion marks a milestone in his career and synthesizes years of work. The stage appears as a path whose horizon merges into a screen, crisscrossed with images. In this space, Vasil Tasevski evolves over the course of an emotional and poetic allegorical journey, interacting with the live music of Julien Chamla (drums), Lawrence Williams (saxophone) and Marco Quaresimin (double bass).