Présenté par Le FRAC Champagne-Ardenne

Untitled (Quick Fix), life-affirming practice

Super Taus

Have you ever dreamed of winning something without your dream becoming a reality? Super Taus can make this happen! During her customized performance, “Super Taus”, the alter ego of artist Taus Makhacheva, invites you to take part in a game of chance. As the game unfolds, objects found in thrift stores such as crockery and decorative utensils like chalices, become the stuff of legend, while sporting trophies are transformed into ready-made sculptures.

Taus Makhacheva (b. 1983 in Moscow, Russia) is primarily known for her video and performative pieces that explore the relationship between different cultures. Often humorous, her work tends to test the resilience of images, objects and bodies in today’s modern world. It has been shown at the biennials of Yinchuan (2018), Shanghai (2016) and Sharjah (2013). She also exhibited work at the 57th Venice Biennale and the 10th Liverpool Biennial.