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scenes of the festival

La Cartonnerie
84 rue du Docteur Lemoine – 51100 Reims

+33 (0)3 26 36 72 40

A stage for contemporary music of the City of Reims since 2005, the Cartonnerie has three stage spaces (including a large 1200-seat hall), six rehearsal studios and a catering area. The structure also offers year-round artistic accompaniment, workshops for children, exhibitions and training courses. Since 2017, it produces the summer festival La Magnifique Society. La Cartonnerie has been directed by Cédric Cheminaud since 2015.



Les Docks Rémois – 51450 BÉTHENY

A national center for musical creation since 2006, Césaré’s mission is to promote the emergence of original works. The center welcomes artists in residence or in production year-round, and is also a place for transmission and encounters between artists and the public. It has three studios, one of which can accommodate 80 people. Césaré produces the festival La Magnifique Avant-Garde. Philippe Le Goff has been running it since 2011.

La Comédie
3 chaussée Bocquaine – 51100 Reims

L’Atelier de la Comédie
13 rue du Moulin Brûlé – 51100 Reims

+33 3 26 48 49 10

National Drama Center of Reims, the Comédie celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019. Formerly the Maison de la Culture André Malraux, it has four stage spaces: a large and a small room, a studio and a workshop – for a total capacity of 1,350 seats. The drama center also has a bar/restaurant. Designed for artists, it is an open house shared with the public and honors contemporary theatrical creation and production. Appointed in January 2019, Chloé Dabert is the current director of the theater.

Le Frac Champagne-Ardenne
1 place Museux – 51100 Reims
+33 (0)3 26 05 78 32

The Fonds Régional d’Art Contemporain Champagne-Ardenne has a rich collection of 900 works of contemporary art, around themes such as art and life, art and encounters, art and parties, art and games. Since 1984, it has focused on current creation and ensures its dissemination and awareness in the region through exhibitions, conferences and special weekends. Marie Griffay has been running the establishment since 2017.


2 boulevard du Général Leclerc – 51724 Reims

+33 (0)3 26 47 30 40

Since 2000, the Manège – Scène nationale de la Ville de Reims – has been conducting a multidisciplinary project dedicated to the movement arts of dance, circus, puppetry and the forms located at the crossroads of these disciplines. The venue has two performance spaces: a theater (475 seats) and a permanent circus (800 seats), as well as a rehearsal studio and a catering area. It provides year-round support for companies and artists. The venue has its own festival : Born to be a live, which takes place every year in the fall. Since 2015, Bruno Lobé has been at the head of the establishment.

Nova villa
4 bis rue de Mars – 51100 Reims

+33 (0)3 26 09 33 33

For more than 30 years, the Nova Villa association has been proposing cultural events for young people and families – from day-care centers to high schools, from early childhood to adolescence – with several events each season, among which M’auteurs, meetings of authors or the very awaited Méli’môme festival, a festival for young people created in 1989. Today it is located in the Cellier, and benefits from its spaces (two performance halls and an exhibition space) to support and promote a rich cultural life. Joël Simon has been the director of the association since its creation.


1 Rue de Vesle – 51100 Reims

+33 (0)3 26 50 03 92

Inaugurated in 1873 and baptized the Opera of Reims in 2010, the place consists of a 750-seat Italian-style theater and a rehearsal room. Hosting companies in residence, the Opera’s mission is to make lyrical and choreographic works accessible and to participate in their development. The Opera also has its own catering area. Serge Gaymard has been its director since 1999.