1,8m - 2023 - FARaway festival des arts à Reims



Ivan Viripaev

Presented by La Comédie

Begun before the war in Ukraine, this project has since gained in significance. Russian playwright Ivan Viripaev, known for his electric writing, stages texts written by political prisoners, notably locked up in Belarus. This country, an unwavering ally of Moscow, is ruled, oppressed, and repressed by dictator Lukashenko. Performed by six Belarusian and two Polish actors, these texts constitute the last speech made by the political prisoners in court before their conviction. Their words raise the possibility of another world, the utopias of individuals, who are most often young and willing to suffer for freedom. A breath of fresh air blowing from the East, this play gives voice to all those who pay a harsh price for their political convictions, and is a warning signal that the West can no longer ignore.