Butter Mastication - 2021 - FARaway festival des arts à Reims

Butter Mastication


Louise Siffert

Presented by Le FRAC

Butter Mastication is a saliva meditation session, by means of different relaxation exercises, in which a giant stomach invites us to digest our doubts and move towards a better future. This performance piece was inspired by the fermentation process, seen as a living, tangible theory, and combines body, feminism, queer strategies and community. Butter Mastication uses the concept of bacteria to imagine other forms of life, outside of unliveable norms. Here, fermentation becomes a metaphor for the activity of a non-gendered micro-organic (bacterial) community, both human and non-human that is alive, moves and changes shape. Much like fermentation, this constantly active community evolves autonomously by feeding itself and the space around it. With the participation of Wanda Rivière.