Cabaret Migrant - 2022 - FARaway festival des arts à Reims

Cabaret Migrant

Premiere and creation

Collectif Kahraba

Le Manège presents

Combining masks, puppets, theatre and music, the Lebanese collective Kahraba takes over the stage and uses it as a subversive and poetic platform. Between black humour and the absurd, this troupe with multidisciplinary talents explores notions of borders, identity and exile, as well as manipulation, through the acerbic texts of playwright Matéi Visniec. Cabaret Migrant was born from the Lebanese crisis and the explosion in the port of Beirut that left an entire society traumatized. In the weeks that followed, Kahraba opened its doors to different artists to provide them with a creative space. Nourished by these exchanges, this cabaret is an act of resistance that leads us from blind indifference to a place of togetherness and exchange. A must-see!