Cassandro the Exotico ! - 2021 - FARaway festival des arts à Reims

Cassandro the Exótico !

Screening and meeting

Marie Losier

Presented by Le Manège

Imagined by Cinéma Opéraims

In the colourful and flamboyant world of lucha libre, Cassandro is a truly unique icon. He is the king of the Exóticos, a group of cross-dressing Mexican wrestlers who challenge prejudice in a sport that is indisputably macho. Despite his carefully styled hair, mascara and impeccably made-up eyelids, Cassandro is an extreme fighter and multiple times World Champion, who continually pushes his body to the limit. There is never a fight without blood, a dislocated shoulder or knee. After 26 years of running jumps, clashes and boxing bouts in the ring, Cassandro is in poor shape, his body and morale battered and his ego bruised by a particularly harsh and traumatic past. None of that is enough however to prevent this hothead from getting into the ring!