Cria - 2021 - FARaway festival des arts à Reims



Alice Ripoll

Presented by Le Manège

In Portuguese, the word “cria” has two basic meanings: both “young being” (animal or human) and “creation”. In Brazil, it also refers to the favela in which one lives. In this work, choreographer Alice Ripoll connects these multiple meanings and stages ten vivacious dancers, seemingly possessed by the dancinha, a mixed dance that combines traditional Brazilian influences, such as samba and capoeira, along with breakdance and hip-hop moves. Set to an irresistible funk soundtrack, the performers revel in a frenzied acrobatic dance, animated by an indefatigable rhythm. However, in the moments of silence, another reality appears, one that is darker and more intimate, where the bodies move away from each other, collide and collapse. From feverish outbursts to uncertain hesitation, Cria scrutinizes the condition of the body and soul of a new generation, seeking to reinvent itself and be reborn with every step.