For Rent - 2021 - FARaway festival des arts à Reims

For Rent

TEXT Özen Yula

Presented by La Comédie

Combining theatre and cinema, For Rent offers an overview of a disenfranchised Turkish youth, and is the brainchild of artist duo Melis Tezkan and Okan Urun. This original piece tells the love story of Adnan and Simay, which timidly evolves in a large park, similar to a cemetery. Here, desires collide, against a backdrop of male prostitution, economic violence and global surveillance. Based on a text by contemporary Turkish writer Özen Yula, For Rent brings together hopeless destinies and metaphysical reflection around lives stuck in a loop of endless repetition. An ambitious piece with an aesthetic combining reality TV and black and white cinema. This extraordinary creation, presented for the first time in France, comes to audiences straight from Istanbul.