Présenté par Le Manège


Une parade expressionniste et contestataire

Lia Rodrigues

With an emphasis on the physical body, Lia Rodrigues creates a fresco for nine dancers that denounces the brutality of Brazilian society in a dramatic fashion. Cultivating experiences vacillating between ritual, dance, performance and installation art, she stages a group who attempt to reconnect with primitive energies. In this performance, the Brazilian troupe embarks on an adventure, transforming the stage into a fragile and fluctuating territory. From solitary movements to the dynamism of a collective performance, the dancers take us to the heart of a universe of perpetual tension, where the dialectic of the master and slave is overthrown by powerful mayhem. Subjugated bodies, rebellion, trance, grimacing expressions … Fúria is an expressive and expressionist parade that stirs emotion with its powerful images and direct address to the public.