Ghalia's Miles - 2022 - FARaway festival des arts à Reims

Ghalia’s Miles

Zoukak Theatre Company

La Comédie presents

A contemporary epic of a young Lebanese woman, aged seventeen, made pregnant by a young Palestinian man, Ghalia’s Miles tells the story of Ghalia’s journey through Syria, Egypt, Iraq and Libya, heading towards Europe. Against a background of violin and percussion, accompanied by a tragic chorus, she crosses paths with a host of heroic female characters, as well as male characters who are decidedly less so, and seeks to invent a new destiny for herself. Through her journey, she paints a portrait of an Arab youth full of ardour and dreams, the realization of which entails learning courage and cunning, but a trajectory that also entails a flight from their native land.


Zoukak Theatre Company are resident artists 21/22 at La Comédie – CDN de Reims