Habebtshi - 2023 - FARaway festival des arts à Reims



Yasmine El Baramawy / Uriel Barthélémi

Presented by Césaré

This duet, bringing together Egyptian oud player Yasmine El Baramawy and drummer Uriel Barthélémi, takes audiences on an extraordinary journey that plays with aesthetic codes and words. Mixing kitsch and subversive Arab and Western pop, abstract electronic soundscapes, hypnotic dance tracks, ironic performances, and the vestiges of tradition, the result is a totally unclassifiable universe, at once absurd, funny, energetic, crazy, and demanding. Yasmine El Baramawy’s work is closely linked to the question of the position of women in Egypt, and more broadly in the Middle East, even within the musical sphere itself. With Uriel Barthélémi, their encounter revels in the pleasure of mixing mediums and opposing styles without inhibitions, like a protean contemporary world, increasingly polarized and in constant movement.