Heroes - 2022 - FARaway festival des arts à Reims


Surface of a Revolution

Khouloud Yassine

Presented by Le Manège

A major figure on the Lebanese scene, Khouloud Yassine is a choreographer, dancer and actress. In this solo performance, she invites us to question the body and its relationship to power. How are heroes made and unmade? How do crowds find themselves caught up, hypnotized by the gestures of their idols? To what extent is power echoed in the body? Dominating the spectators, on a podium installed on the stage, Khouloud Yassine never takes her eyes off the audience and imposes her strong presence. She performs a succession of poses, evoking pop stars, athletes and dictators. With her intense gaze, expressive face, and sharp cries, she embodies all of these figures to the rhythm of the electro music composed by her brother Khaled. Up until her fall…