ÍNDIGA - FARaway festival des arts à Reims


Clara Peya / Vic Moliner

La Comédie présente

Pianist and composer Clara Peya and bassist Vic Moliner join forces to create ÍNDIGA, an indescribable musical journey where the compositions of both musicians are transformed by electronica, rap and language. From virtuosity to improvisation, these unique artists are sure to create a stunning live performance that is both timely and rich in emotion.

Clara Peya
This pianist and composer was born in Palafrugell-Catalonia in 1986. A particularly original creator, she is considered one of the most important artists on the Spanish music scene. If the piano remains at the centre of her creation, her compositions are musically unclassifiable, vacillating between jazz, pop and electronica. Her remarkable talent, stage presence and communicative energy have earned her many awards.

Vic Moliner
Musician and producer, Vic Moliner has released three albums as a front man, composer and lyricist.