KNIT - 2022 - FARaway festival des arts à Reims


Creation 2022

Marine Mane

Le Manège presents

At the crossroads of theatre and dance, Marine Mane has forged since her very first pieces, a highly original multidisciplinary path. For her latest creation, she has chosen to bring together a string quartet and four dancers around a framework inspired by the ancestral gesture of weaving. The latter is an artform where threads are connected to give them a form, force, and intention, and has inspired here a plural score where the musical and choreographic motifs intertwine in a skilful weaving. On the stage, carried by the music of Karl Naegelen, the dancers and musicians compose before our very eyes, a sensual, living material, creating new links between disciplines. A metaphor on the stage that reminds us that combining strands, both literal and figurative, makes us stronger and richer.