Le silence et la peur - FARaway festival des arts à Reims

Le silence et la peur

Little girl blue

David Geselson

Présenté par La Comédie

In a letter to her brother, Nina Simone expressed her regret at having to live between two worlds: the world of black people and the world of white people. This American jazz star was one of the voices of the African-American civil rights movement. In Le Silence et la peur, David Geselson attempts to provide a glimpse into the life of the singer. The result is not simply a factual biopic but an account filled with emotion. Aware of the dangers of cultural appropriation, he chose to work with African-American actors from the Harlem Stage in New York to tell Nina Simone’s story. From the colonization of America to the Black Panthers’s struggle for civil rights, via slavery and the Jim Crow Laws, the director re-awakens the memory and history behind Nina’s story and the voice that continues to move us today.