Léon Phal 5tet - 2021 - FARaway festival des arts à Reims

Closing evening

Léon Phal 5tet

Léon Phal, Zacharie Ksyk, Arthur Alard, Rémi Bouyssiere et Gauthier Toux

Presented by La Cartonnerie

A promising saxophonist, Léon Phal is part of the young generation of jazz musicians who grew up on the classics, from which he breaks free, while at the same time, brilliantly paying homage to each note. Surrounded by his long-time accomplices, his mastery of the instrument, incredible sense of melody and the delicacy of his compositions, amplified by a devastating groove, herald a bright future for this Franco-Swiss musician from Aÿ in the Champagne region. Hailed a “revelation” by Jazz News and Jazz Magazine upon the release of his first album “Canto Bello”, Léon Phal is at the head of a remarkable quintet whose influences and imagination inspire some breath-taking improvisations. With his work increasingly known amongst the big names in contemporary jazz, there is no doubt that his breath, curiosity and free spirit will take him far.