Re : Les Monstres - 2021 - FARaway festival des arts à Reims

Re : Les Monstres

MUSICAL SKETCHES / Alessandros Markéas

Presented by l’Opéra de Reims

In 1963, Dino Risi felt the need to catalogue the monsters of his day in a film aptly titled The Monsters, followed, in 1977, by a hilarious updated version, The New Monsters. Today, the facts leave little room for debate: the number of monsters has exploded! Hence the importance of establishing a new list. Paying homage to 1970s’ Italian cinema, the original score by Alexandros Markéas and staging by Stephan Grögler contain multiple references with the patched canvas of the marquee, resulting in a dark performance where theatre mingles with music, cabaret with opera, and drama with black humour. Led by actor Dominique Pinon and baritone Paul-Alexandre Dubois, the characters born under the pen of Pierre Senges, rub shoulders with the mythical and the everyday, the repulsive, the comedic and the fascinating … In a succession of powerful sketches, Re: Les Monstres proves itself to be a lively social critique, with copious amounts of humour and levity used to tackle certain controversial topics!