Sian - 2023 - FARaway festival des arts à Reims



Décharger la marmite qui crame au feu depuis toujours

Tatiana Gueria Nade

Presented by Le Manège

Sian is a cathartic solo piece, a cry of suffering and revolt against violence against women. Ivorian dancer and choreographer, Tatiana Gueria Nade puts her body on the front line in a committed performance that is a rally cry to awaken consciences. Sian means scar in wobé, the language of an ethnic group located in the western region of the Ivory Coast. It is her own scars that Tatiana Gueria Nade reveals in a solo full of devastating energy: “I come from one, two, three, four, several scars… a life of wounds and tears. I am a woman and I want to be heard.” Born in the Ivory Coast, this choreographer and dancer speaks via the body, conveying the voices of all those who are silenced, allowing us to question violence against women, to make their silences heard, and to allow their scars to be seen. On stage, her liberating gestures and raw dance movements build into a storm that suddenly erupts, a rage that explodes in the convulsions of the body. The latter carries the strata of a story laid bare on stage, that of sexual abuse, beatings, male domination, and the indifference of the perpetrators. In order to give voice to the unspeakable, several voiceovers accompany Sian: a manifesto written by Tatiana Gueria Nade in Bambara (a Malian language) and an excerpt from a 1972 interview with Delphine Seyrig, where the actress violently denounces sexism. Carried by these words of pain and revolt, the proposal is both an expression of an individual and collective anger, buried for too long, and a desire to move towards a much needed emancipation.