Terra Incognita 1 - 2022 - FARaway festival des arts à Reims

Terra Incognita 1

Kamilya Jubran

Césaré presents

With Terra Incognita I, oud-player and singer Kamilya Jubran launches an evolving platform, which allows for the emergence of new sounds. She explores unknown lands with two other improvisatory artists: Floy Krouchi with his electronically transformed bass, and Youmna Saba with her haunting voice and augmented oud. A unique blend of instruments with which the trio skilfully combines tradition and modernity.

Terra Incognita I is an invitation to travel, carried by three artists who are as sensitive as they are adventurous. A journey whose path is never fully marked out in advance.

With the support of Onda – Office national de diffusion artistique and of l’institut français du Liban.