Tout le bien - FARaway festival des arts à Reims

Tout le bien

Jan Lauwers / Needcompany

Présenté par La Comédie imaginé par Le Manège

Jan Lauwers and his Needcompany are first-class representatives of the Flemish arts scene that won over the admiration of European audiences at the end of the last century. Originally a visual artist, Lauwers has constructed a work that combines disciplines—theatre, music, dance and visual arts—with a playful approach that blurs the boundaries between theatre and performance. Tout le bien, a 2019 creation, is a show that recounts the ups and downs of his ordinary life as an artist in the disreputable neighbourhood of Molenbeeck (Brussels), his encounter with Romy, a young woman convinced that the world is essentially good, and with a former Israeli elite soldier who has changed paths and is now a dancer. Twelve actors appear on stage in a total show that combines love, death and the possibility of Good.