Trouble - 2022 - FARaway festival des arts à Reims


First in France

Gus Van Sant

La Comédie presents

For this important event, American director Gus Van Sant, who received the Golden Palm in 2003 for Elephant, tries his hand at theatre. He is the author and composer of Trouble – Un spectacle sur la vie d’Andy Warhol, a musical show centred on the mythical founder of Pop art: Andy Warhol. We discover the various facets of the famous Factory artist, as well as other icons like writer Truman Capote, actress Edie Sedgwick and art critic Clement Greenberg. A whole host of characters interpreted by a dozen young actors and actresses. This is a show in the form of a tribute that also explores, as Gus Van Sant is wont to do, the condition of youth and the desire to found a community capable of having an impact on the world.