Won't you dance with us ? - 2022 - FARaway festival des arts à Reims

Won’t you dance with us ?


Camille Fischer

Le FRAC presents

“Oh come on… There’s only one last dance, soon the music’s over… Let’s give it one more chance… Won’t you dance with me in my world of fantasy?”

Camille Fischer has a multidisciplinary practice, featuring drawing, collage, objects, jewellery, clothing, textiles, performance and installations, in a quest for a total art. Her work can be said to evoke the Symbolist heritage (in particular, William Morris and Huysmans). Although similar in style, her work stands out through its refusal of the morbid fascination, typical of the movement. Echoing the historical concerns of Symbolist artists faced with the upheavals heralded by the Industrial Revolution, Camille Fischer explores the challenges facing contemporary artists today, namely globalization.