Babylon - 2021 - FARaway festival des arts à Reims


Cinema screening with live music

Prieur de la Marne

Presented by La Cartonnerie

In early summer 2018, Prieur de la Marne set to work on a legendary masterpiece of silent cinema: Intolerance by DW Griffith (1916). This ambitious social fresco, lasting over three hours, examines love throughout the ages in four distinct sections. Here, the DJ has decided to focus solely on Griffith’s section devoted to Babylon, set in the era 539 BC. He puts these spectacular images to music, adding new subtitles, self-fiction and a prominent guest in the role of the narrator. He also recounts a personal story through the story that unfolds on screen. Beyond the humour of the performance, Prieur de la Marne’s “Babylon” is a very beautiful fable about the condition of women and harassment, dedication and sacrifice.