Electronic guerilla - 2021 - FARaway festival des arts à Reims

Electronic guerilla

Live electronic

Sébastien Béranger and Alex Grillo

Presented by Césaré

Alex Grillo and Sébastien Béranger met at various events combining instrumental and electronic improvisation. These first experiments motivated the desire to consider a collaboration that would lead to a transversal and multidisciplinary form, mixing texts, real-time electronics and instrumental gestures. In today’s world, where the place of the artist is threatened by technology and its consequences, William S. Burroughs’ book/pamphlet “Electronic Revolution” appears as an inspiring response, projecting an offbeat poetic-political imagination, where literary writing meets musical improvisation. The uchronia that transpires upon reading this text—written over 40 years ago—oscillates between ambitious schoolboy pranks and horrifying visions of new technology.