L'Échine du chapiteau - 2023 - FARaway festival des arts à Reims


L’Échine du chapiteau

Tenir / la barre des navires / pour qu’ils portent ensemble / le nom d’un vent nouveau

Delphine Gatinois

Presented by FARaway

At the main market in Bamako, parasols stretch as far as the eye can see, merging into a single large canopy. If each parasol, through the shade it offers, defines a sales space, symbolically, it is much more than that. It testifies to the place of the individual in the whole or the collective. On Sundays, in the middle of the afternoon, the market finally takes a break; a short silence which reveals the structure of the place. The parasols are folded down but stay in their stands, akin to the masts of a large ship. Mali has recently experienced an embargo: its borders have been closed off. For over ten years, the country has weathered a succession of storms. The parasol stands take on the appearance of spinal columns, showing us how to remain standing and how not to come undone. This work was created in Mali. The installations imagined for FARaway, presented in four different venues, all echo each other. This resonance will give rise to a choreographic production.


Tenir introduces this installation thought in four places by a photographic set: images are waiting to be crossed and practiced.

(…) la barre des navires (…) is affixed in the glassed-in gangways of the FRAC like an evidence to the resistance. This diptych reveals the starting point of this project: the big market of Bamako, empty, one Sunday afternoon.

(…) pour qu’ils portent ensemble (…) takes shape in the foyer of the Opera. Its initial counter becomes a market stall that pays homage to an agricultural gesture, that of grading. It also echoes the butchers’ stall at the Boulingrin market and will become a stage on the stage for the rest of the project.

(…) le nom d’un vent nouveau foreshadows the choreographic continuation of l’Echine du Chapiteau, where navigation, dance, architecture and markets (from Bamako to Boulingrin) will meet. An outdoor diptych is completed, in the hall, by a photographic parasol. This one, will join the big market of Bamako, and under its sky will continue the market gestures, danced, lived.