Ma vie de Molengué en République Centrafricaine - 2023 - FARaway festival des arts à Reims

Ma vie de Molengué en République Centrafricaine

Géraldine Bertrand

Presented by Nova Villa

The primary objective of the Singuila association is to protect and help orphans and abandoned children in the Central African Republic. In 2020, during the association’s last humanitarian mission in Bangui, Géraldine Bertrand, a professional photographer, accompanied association president, Isabelle Forboteaux. Géraldine took thousands of photos of children, with one priority in mind: to organize an exhibition for the benefit of the Singuila association. The photos have been carefully selected by the author. Each shot conveys a special story and this is what creates the magic of this exhibition. Although each image has a story to tell, the photographer also gives free rein to the viewer to interpret and imagine as they so please. The aim of the association and Géraldine Bertrand is that the life of the Molengué people of the Central African Republic be seen by as many people as possible.