Radio live - 2021 - FARaway festival des arts à Reims

Radio live

CONCEPTION Amélie Bonnin, Aurélie Charon, Caroline Gillet

Presented by Nova Villa

Imagined by La Comédie

We discovered this funny work a few winters ago. Now, Radio Live is back to paint a portrait of a politically-engaged young generation. Following their documentary series on France Inter and France Culture, Aurélie Charon and Caroline Gillet invite some of the people they encountered on their world tour to take the microphone. Participants come from places as varied as Algiers, Moscow, Tehran, Istanbul, Sarajevo, Beirut, Gaza, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Casablanca, New Delhi, Bombay, Dakar, etc. The lively and spontaneous words of these young people present on stage are combined with documentary archives, live music sessions and Amélie Bonnin’s illustrations, drawn live. This is a theatrical radio show, in the flesh and buoyantly optimistic, an alternative to certain gloomy, declinist speeches that herald a bleak future.